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    Tianjin Hi-Tech Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Technical Center is a 96 approved the establishment of a national technology center. After 10 years of development, now has 15 professional testing laboratory, testing of large precision instrumentsequipment 400 sets, as well as strong, professional range, talentreasonable level of nearly 300 scientifictechnological researchdevelopment team, employs world-class 8 well-known experts as technical advisers. Dr. R & D team has 4 people, more than 30 graduate degree. Train its own technical experts than 10 people, distributed in materials research, steelmaking, rolling, threaded connectionsother important research areas of development, technological innovation is the company's leading talent.
    In 2006, the company investedbuilt a building area of 14,000 square meters of ScienceTechnology Building, the middle of the whole process pilot plant, the new full-scale evaluation of large-scale special deductiontest equipment, high temperaturehigh corrosionhigh-alloy corrosion testingthermal simulation, in situ meter, diffractionother large trials of equipment.
    Technology Center since its inception, the Group has developed a large number of new products, creating a considerable economic benefits. In the field of oil well pipe, not only developed a full range of API standard steel casingtubingproduction processes,independent researchdevelopment of the TP series of special deductionTP series of tube wells, including anti-corrosion series of oil well pipes, high resistance to collapsing series of oil well pipes, oil pipes with thermal recovery wells, etc., anti-corrosion of oil well pipes which have reached international advanced level, TP series of special deduction is to fill gaps in the production of a special deduction to break the oil well pipe developed a special button on the product monopoly. Management in the professional field, such as the development of X42 ~ X90 grade line pipe steel,large exports; developed T/P11, T/P12, T/P22, T/P91 other power stations, tube; developed a cylinder tubealloy corporateso on. Research projectsresearchdevelopment products won several awards at nationalTianjin, holding a number of national patents.
    With Steel Tube Co., Ltd. of Tianjin Hi-Tech development, technical center will continue to growdevelop, set of information technology, scientific researchdevelopment, technical testinghigh-end product testing as a whole, the company developed high-endhigh-level gathering of talents exchange of researchdevelopment, the domestic steel industry as researchdevelopment center, the development of a world-class steel research center.