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   In the birth, growthdevelopment of the three phases, showing the three main cultural evolution.
   The first main line: a high sense of missionresponsibility.
   "Glory for the country, Clear the Air for the national industry," the mission, to support energy sector developmentregional economic development, social responsibility.
   The second main theme: the relentless pursuit of the first fight forever.
   From the realization of "import substitution" to build "an important base for national seamless""World steel base,""the two goals," Henderson who has been in relentless pursuit of steel.
   The third main line: continue to enhance the heritagethe spirit of Henderson steel.
   Inherited "despite difficulties, pioneers, scaled new heights",deepen the "continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence", to "advance, investment, innovationstrict fine, first to" implement the practice of management.