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   Henderson has steel from the construction, through the unremitting explorationhard work,achieved remarkable results; At the same time, Henderson Steel's corporate culture is also in the process, after the birth, growth, development stage, never to Yes, from the vague to the clear. History of back Guheng Ji pipe, steel pipe interpret the cultural history of Henderson, Henderson can really feel the culture of origin pipe in order to clarify the context of Henderson steel culture in order to better the essence of mass Cheng Hengji tube culture.
   Culture embryonic stage (1989-1993)
   This is the start of Henderson steel.
   Stage Characteristics: At this stage, the main task is to infrastructure, command, steel companiesthe design, construction units unity,  the Henderson pipe infrastructure work.
   Cultural gene: Henderson Steel who admit defeat, did not fail, hard-working, dedicated hard workstriving for world-class cultural elements emerging trends; At the same time, builders from around the world learn from each other in the building, inclusive; Henderson tube culture from the beginning to establish a "striving for excellence, integration of unity, hard work ahead, glory for the country," the tone.
   Culture growth phase (1994-1999)
   This is the pioneering of Henderson steel.
   Stage Characteristics: At this stage, Henderson steel were re management, improve quality, fight the market, "into the Central Plains, to victory" for the subsequent development has laid a solid foundation.
   Cultural gene: "striving for excellence, integration of unity, hard work ahead, winning glory for the country"other cultural elements have been inheritedfurther deepeningdevelopment; same time, with a planned economy to market economy, the deepening of Henderson steel gradually changing concepts, to further establish market awareness; addition, with the operational stage into production, "the quality, integrity, customer awareness, continuous improvement," the gradual emergence of such cultural elements.
   Corporate culture development stage (2000 - present)
   This is a period of rapid development of steel Henderson.
   Stage Characteristics: At this stage, Henderson pipe to debt-equity swap as an opportunity, from the "three 100" to "three 300", to "two goals" to achieve leapfrog development, towards internationalization.
   Cultural gene: "despite difficulties, pioneers, scaled new heights," the spirit of Henderson steel heritage graduallyeffectively; "advance, investment, innovationstrict fine, first to" work style to the operationmanagement of progressive implementation practice; "diversified, international" culture as a powerful New Steel added Henderson.