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Inflation is expected to urge Wang Steel City
[ 发布时间:2010/12/20 ]

   December 15, from the Lange Steel Information Research Center data show that in November Lange IronSteel IronSteel net circulation survey purchasing managers index (LGSC-PMI) fully recovered, reaching 50.7%, up 7.7 points compared with October .    In general, the steel circulation PMI above 50%, reflecting the increase in the steel distribution industry climate. Generally speaking, the end of the year in previous years, the demand for the steel industry are the off-season. In this regard, Lange Steel Information Research Center, said in November to become more active buyingselling domestic steel market, with domestic inflationary pressures and expectations about demand-driven end of the year.    Ironsteel industry, the economy increased circulation    Lange Steel Information Research Center, said the Chinese steel circulation in November purchasing managers index survey of the distribution of a total of six administrative regions of the country in 57 major cities in the 705 steel trade enterprise.    Survey, in November purchasing managers index of steel into the circulation range expansion operation, the domestic steel circulation in November purchasing managers index was 50.7%, up 7.7 points compared with October.    The other from the sub-indicators, 10 sub-indices showed an upward trend, five indicators in more than 50%. Among them, the sales index was 50.7%; procurement costs, sales price index surged 30 pointsmore were 77.3% and 71.2%. Steady increase in corporate employment, labor index was 54%, up 2.7 points. Corporate financing environment has improved, the index rose 7 points lower, 44.8%; trading activity increased traffic control and some steel shipments rhythm, the market slowed down the arrival, in November index of 40.9, down 3.8 points.    It is reported that often purchasing managers index of economic strength as a 50% cut-off point: When the index above 50%, the signal for the economic expansion. When the index is below 50%, in particular, is very close to 40%, there are shrinking in fear for depression. The purchasing managers index for the steel circulation above 50%, the general circulation can also be reflected in the steel industry, the rise in the economy.    Duici, director of Lange Steel Information Research Center, yesterday Hou Zhiyun analysis, mainly because of the end of November in the demand-driven inflation expectations at homeabroad, under pressure to become more active buyingselling domestic steel market, steel sales increase, prices rise, the social stock Continued to decline.    The survey also showed that November sales of steel products rose 7.7 points over 10, more than a quarter of the steel traders in November sales are showing growth.    Statistics show otherwise, as of December 10, the whole society to 4,165,700 tons rebar stock, wire stock to 987,600 tons, of which steel stocks continue to record lows during the year, while cable stocks have dropped to levels similar to last year .    Support steel prices continued to rise multi-factor    In addition, since November, the major steel prices continue to rise. Early November, smallmedium steel price increases small brisk walking, three days a tune or two days of a rose, Going updown rate of 50 yuan; the main steel although relatively slow, but big price rises, a price that is 100 -350 million. Statistics show that in November, the national average price of long steel plate was 5368 yuan nationwide, up 280 from last month, up 5.2%.    At the end of the rising steel prices, the main thing from the cost-push inflation expectations, and. He said that after the domestic cotton, agricultural products and coal prices rose sharply, a strong market inflation expectations, but does not appear with rising steel prices. Since November the price of entering the rapid rise can be regarded as a "compensatory growth" market.    At the same time, there is news that some Japanese steel companies has CVRD iron ore prices next year in the first quarter rose about 7% to reach an agreement, although the steel mills in China''s negotiations with the three miners still no results, but the experts predict The first quarter of next year, China''s iron ore price agreement with the difference between the price increase will not be great. Therefore, the raw material for steel will continue to support.    In addition, it is worth mentioning that the state regulate the real estate, while also increasing efforts to carry out construction of affordable housing. Currently, 5.8 million sets this year''s task has been completed the protection of housing starts and housing construction ministry has sent to the country "on the urban income housing projects submitted to the task of the notice ", notice clearly stated in 2011, the national income housing projects on the scale of housing construction Or will reach 10 million units, compared to 580 million units in 2010, an increase of 72.4%.    According to industry estimates, in accordance with the construction steel of 40-60 kg / m, and affordable housing in each area of 70 square meters to calculate, 1,000 million units of affordable housing will drive about 3 thousand to 40 million tons of steel demand.    In this regard, the East China Sea analyst Lv Lili Futures Institute, said yesterday that the long term, the steel market fundamentals have improved, inflation expectations and the overall liquidity situation does not turn loose,national efforts to increase affordable housing construction, steel Cost under the influence of continued strong support, the larger the probability of future steel prices. (Securities Times)