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Forum Highlights Bohai Steel City highlights
[ 发布时间:2010-12-20 ]

   December 12, half of the sixth two-day Bohai Sea Forum and the steel market in mid-2010 Lange steel mesh curtain will be successful, the voice of congratulations from all walks of life, praising the sound, amazing voice, the voice moved Prevalent. Successful conclusion of the meeting, but for entire session also highlights the most out of color to be highlighted one by one:    Highlights of the session an unprecedented grand scale. December 10 to 11 a day early in the morning, the sixth Forum on Bohai Bay IronSteel Market participants report after another guest. Langer started the more than 150 business group team of employees, the establishment of eight reporting units, received a total of 2 thousand people were participants forecast. Meeting, to the number far exceeds the actual number of applicants a formal reception,the scene of the grand let everyone no surprise. Held in the steel industry, all previous meetings of the situation, this is unprecedented!    Highlights Second, all experts say the same stage competition. China Steel Industry Association executive vice president Luo, National Economic Research Institute China Reform Foundation, Fan Gang, director of the State Council Development Research Center of Industry Vice Minister Yang Jianlong Economic Research, the Chinese Federation of LogisticsPurchasing, Cai Jin, Vice President, People''s Bank of China Deputy Secretary for the CDC, the National Development and Reform Commission, Liu Fuyuan Academy of Macroeconomic Research Fellow, Professor of Central University of Finance and Tian Yong Guo, Hebei IronSteel Group Corporation, general manager of sales Yan Xiu Jun, general manager of Minmetals Development Co., Ltd., etc. from Yao Ziping Government officials, well-known experts, scholars,Leading domestic steel mills, the largest supplier of steel trade representatives made a wonderful theme report. On the current macroeconomic policy environment, the problems facing the steel industry, steel industry, the way out of trade issues were the focus of public attention and meticulous in-depth discussion on the development of the steel industry for their constructive advice for the development of steel industry from A positive role in promoting.    Highlights three honored guests of high grade. From the political, economic, financial, ironsteel industry sector,so nearly all senior leaders attended the meeting. Secretary of Beijing Municipal Federation of Industry and First Vice President Wu Jie, Zhu Qiang and other members of the Director to congratulate his party went to the site,the event on this scale gave high praise; Beijing Municipal Committee Organization Department, Director of Social Work Zhangjia Sen, Hebei Iron & Steel Group Vice President Tian Zhiping, Liu Jianhui, general manager of Shougang Corporation, Sales, Sales Director of Tianjin Steel Zhao Hui, Liu Qinghua, president of the steel before the students, the Beijing Municipal Commission by letter the Director of Jing Fu Chi SMEs and other leaders attended the meeting China Federation of LogisticsPurchasing, Vice President of Tai-yi, metal industry, Chamber of Commerce in Beijing to attend the meeting and Mr Yang Guohong; around the Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary-General attended the meeting; major banks, security companies and other financial leaders will all be present . Guest participants reflects the high level of the meeting the community''s attention and high priority.