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Bohai Sea Forum trigger a strong reaction all
[ 发布时间:2010/12/20 ]

      "This meeting can not think of such a large scale, on behalf of Beijing Municipal IndustryCommerce Associationthe Lange Steel Metal mesh warm congratulations, hope you can achieve greater successes in the future! " Dec. 11, Beijing Federation of IndustryCommerce and First Vice-Chairman Wu Jie, secretary to the steel market, the sixth Forum on Bohai Bay IronSteel net Lange 2010 Annual Meeting of the Conference during the site visit to congratulate the grand opening.      "Two thousand people attended the General Assembly, is indeed rare in the country. " renowned economist, National Economic Research Institute China Reform Foundation, Fan Gang, made a speech at the meeting so amazing.
    "I think this meeting was very interesting, had the honor to participate in such a large meeting, I am very happy, very proud! " the People''s Bank of China, Deputy Secretary Wang Yu said at the meeting. ... ...
    The morning of December 11, the sixth Forum on Bohai Bay IronSteel market in mid-2010 Lange steel net will be the theme of the report started, Jiuhua area can accommodate two 16 thousand people had packed the conference room, business group interim arrangements Placed hundreds of tableschairs, guests can grab late than seats, experts can only helplessly Zhanzhao Ting''s speech. Despite the large numbers, hand-held "card ", admission, meals and other links are obviously in order. The steel industry than the annual meeting is worse than previous forms, 12 end of the meeting, as of 16 responses from various sectors is still very strong.    Lange swept the annual meeting of the relevant reports in major newspapers, websites, television    Xinhua News Agency, China Radio Network, and News, Sina.com, Shanghai Securities reported that First Financial Daily, China Daily, Economic Daily News, China Economic Times, Alibabaother media, dozens of domestic heavyweight debut Lan Grid reported more than 40 years will be related to articles, and information networks, Alibabaother articles the first time published a number of hot spot reports, numerous major media outlets.Among them, China Radio Network starting "the development of China''s steel industry deep-seated contradictionsproblems highlight the urgent reforms, " Sina starting "River Steel Group to accelerate progressive restructuring of private enterprises", the Beijing Times, "a substantial increase in iron ore production for the steel industry will Strictly control the production of iron ore import dependency dropped to 60% for the first time, "Beijing Daily " Luo: ironsteel industry concentration significantly improved, "Shanghai Securities News " Yang Jianlong: Next year is the starting point for a new round of business cycle, "First Financial Daily "Restructuring of Hebei IronSteel will once again private steel enterprises bulk" Chinese steel enterprises network "by 2010, China''s crude steel output will reach 625 million tons, "Daily Economic News "Hebei IronSteel Group, " gradual "restructuring the number of private enterprises will be expanded to more than 10", China Economic Times, "the proposed acquisition of another batch of private enterprises has been questioned on Restructuring of Hebei IronSteel"... ...   Meeting, from a macroeconomic policy environment, the problems facing the steel industry, ironsteel trade the way out to explore three aspects of the industry to do a comprehensive lecture on the development of the steel industry for their constructive comments, to a certain extent, promoted the development of the industry , Was the industry as the steel industry''s top event. This is also the main reason for the major media coverage race. Of course, the media reports will not only expand on impact, but also has aroused widespread concern in the steel industry.   Community leaders to the table to congratulate call Lange    Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Gangliangufen Sales Company Business Section, Liang Yan cable network to Lange Steel, Chairman Liu Changqing sent a congratulatory message said, do your business big and strong, Lange is not only a successful steel information service Or a marketing platform to expand e-commerce. Your team is led by professional and specializes in the rich spirit of the four Lange constructed index, used to describe the situation and reflect changes in the steel city, it makes me admire! your meeting was well organized and strong your team, you Speech is also very exciting, gave me impressed! I look forward to youyour team can give us more supporthelp, you are welcome to CCS study guide!   China Federation of LogisticsPurchasing, Logistics Committee of the Secretary-General Steel, senior engineer, said Wang Jianzhong full of gratitude, the Bohai Sea have been very successful forum for the steel market! I benefited a lot, please visit the Steel Logistics Manager Liu Secretariat of the Commission communication, guidance Work, with Langer special committee hopes to have more exchangescooperation opportunities.     Liaoning Province, executive vice president of IronSteel Industry Association Circulation Guo Zhigang, our friends in the Portland Chamber of Commerce and military leaders also congratulated the success of the meeting, and invite people to Liaoning, Lange open up the market for over steel trade to provide a more More and better services.     Hebei IronSteel Group Corporation Marketing Management Sales, Deputy Director LIU Jian clear that the river of steel requires the strong support of Langer, we are brothers, brothers to continue to promote friendship, mutual supportcommon development.    "Congratulations to the Sixth Forum on Bohai successful convening of the steel market, but also to congratulate the successful convocation of Tsinghua Alumni Association! Thank Lange IronSteel net, without your support, the students will be very difficult to accomplishing this scale meetings. On behalf of all the students Lange IronSteel net years of supporthelp express my heartfelt thanks, I wish we can cooperate more closely in the future, more successful! "Liu, president of Tsinghua University Alumni Association of steel in front of their gratitude.    Lange guests heartfelt words touched people    Business group of persons responsible for vehicle access to the author reflects, just received, when representatives of participating companies, complained that the venue was too far, too far from the city to the venue a look, they were shocked too ambitious scale of the original meeting, the basic urban Can not find such a large venue,even a customer joked: "Lange holding such a large conference, this cost is not usually afford the business, that is to say Ming Lange''s strength is strong! "     Beijing Hua Xia Hengsheng Trading Co., Ltd. Manager Zhao phase hair seems to come a little late, have not approached the registration table to ask "how not to get your staff? " conference officers led him into the hall and saw his shot on the bodice, a series of amazing "Too shocked! Langer is too strong it! such a great venue not even put a stool to sit on children have not! "    SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. Purchasing Managers Xiebao Zheng chat with the guests at the venue, said excitedly, a look at this scale to know that Lange is the largest north of the general body simply can not afford to run such a large-scale meetings. To be honest, I have never seen such a large-scale meetings, feeling more than a meeting in the Great Hall is also spectacular.     Beijing China Steel Trade Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Jinbao new business the first time Lange annual meeting, he said that the meeting left him impressed with four points, first, the scale is too ambitious,even the experts whom the report did Marvel; second, Lange''s service very good, warm, generous, polite; the third, the meeting provided a platform for exchange, made many new friends, expanding the new business; the fourth is the expert''s speech was wonderful, very Practical, indeed, the ironsteel trade enterprise management decision-making guidance. End of the meeting that day, he immediately organized the staff meeting to share his harvest at the annual meeting in Lange information.     Lu Qi Baotou days ARCHIVES Material Trade Co., Ltd. General Manager attended the sessions Lange consecutive annual meetings, he told the author, Langer gave each of his annual surprise, especially this year, it is so many people did not expect to come It said the rate of Ming Lange grow faster. Satisfied him most was the overall grade of this annual meeting are very high, credit card is very advanced.    Beijing Hai Xiang Sheng Tsai, general manager of Shanghai Metal Material Co., Ltd. also believes that each of the annual Lange invited experts are heavyweight, so he suggested: in recent years, the experts can be collected and a bound volume of speech, so that That we can reviewsum up at any time by the control experts see the proposal in a speech how the response after the meeting, experts of the market analysisforecast of the market in the future how high accuracy.