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  Tianjin Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Environmental Policy Henderson   
  Compliance with environmental lawsregulations, continuous improvement, landscaping;
Advanced scientifictechnological progressmeans to promote sustainable development of enterprises; Putting prevention firstcombining prevention with control, the implementation of pollution control the whole production process;
Adhere to the full utilization of resourcesenergy saving, promoting the simultaneous development of economythe environment;
Adhere to the environmental awareness trainingeducation,promote all staff to participate in environmental protection work;
Efforts to build a world-class oil pipe production base.
The policy communicated to all employees,public access.

  The System of Henderson steel company
  We always adhere to the basic national policy of the State Environmental Protection to implement the scientific concept of development, taking a new road to industrialization, continue to promote clean productionenvironmental protection. Conscientiously implement the ISO14001 environmental management standards, forming a tight environmental control systemimprove the environmental constraint mechanism. Tianjin in 1995 as the Environmental Protection Advanced Enterprise in 1996 by the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry site audit, named for the clean factory, won the 2001 Green advanced units, August 10, 1998 through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, UKAS accredited The ISO14001 certification certificate of registrationrenewal three times through the re-evaluation of its review. In addition, the company also adopted, such as Shell, Mobil, Total SAother second-party certification audit.
   Environmental situation in the company results
   Company as a steel pipe industry, "national team", not only to maintain technical equipment of international advanced level, environmental protectionclean production are also in line with the international advanced level, optimizing the industrial layout, the use of advanced techniquestechnologies, has grown into a resource-savingenvironment-friendlyecological protection enterprises. Accompanied its economic growth is Bicheng sky, clear water, stretch of lush, fresh air, the formation of the advantages of sustainable development.
   In under the guidance of scientific concept of development, TPCO growing in economic indicators index in each year while reducing pollution emissions, SO2 emissions per ton of steel in 2009 (0.537 kg / t), COD emissions per ton of steel (0.041 kg / ton)other indicators are leading in the industry Over the years, the company producing the waste generated in the whole process of implementation of "reduce, reuse, recycling, sound" management model,as a guiding principle, adhere to technological innovation, the development of recycling economy, establish a scientific comprehensive utilization of industrial waste chain.
   First, the exhaust gas into heat, electricity. Company furnace flue gas waste heat of the production system was sufficiently on the rational use of waste heat recovery steam after the use of gas production, waste heat power generation, mandrel preheating, preheating tube, in addition to the system on the iron blast furnace gas for recycling, saving energy resources, reducing emissions of pollutants,achieved good economicenvironmental benefits. 
   Second, to achieve wastewater recycling. Companies to strengthen water management, to create a water-saving enterprise, industrial waste  water using the "net new fill to fill the net cloud, cascade use" management principles, all industrial wastewater collectiontreatment, the realization of recycling, saving the new water. 2009 recycling rate of 97.58% water, are better than the "clean production standards - the steel industry," a standard. 
   Third, all of the waste recycling. The company through a series of effective measures to steel (iron) system dust, smelting slag, iron oxide skinother solid waste, all to achieve recycling,some were used as sintering materials,some were used as iron raw material, there been used as cement, construction materials, etc., 100% utilization of the system to achieve a circular economy.