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Today is:
Tianjin Hengjiweiye Steel Co., Ltd.
Address: Dongli District,
Tianjin Tanggu Highway 396
Contact: Manager Zhou
Mobile: 13702027288
Tel: 022-26623038
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   I plant with advanced, efficient, improve the seamless steel tubes, welded steel pipe, hot-rolled steel, cold rolled steel strip production processinspection, testingmeasuring equipment; have a professional with deep knowledge of the concept of modern management techniques, managementdedicated, skilled workers.
   Seamless steel pipe production systems: ¦µ140mm, ¦µ100mm, ¦µ90mm, ¦µ76mm hot rolling unit; 100KN-1500KN chain drawing machinethe HL-type two-roll cold rolling mill; roller hearth protection gas heat treatment furnace, roller hearth heat treatment furnace gas; Vertical steel straightening machine, steel pipe eddy current, ultrasonic testing equipment; steel surface shot blasting machine, efficient pipe cutting machine, pipe identification oiled machine finishingtesting equipment.
Hot rolled pipe production line:
Ring furnace:
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