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Tianjin Hengjiweiye Steel Co., Ltd.
Address: Dongli District,
Tianjin Tanggu Highway 396
Contact: Manager Zhou
Mobile: 13702027288
Tel: 022-26623038
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  Tianjin Hengjiweiye Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. * Tianjin Hi-Tech Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd., located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, is a steel base in China's energy industry. Start construction in 1989, 1992, hot test successfully put into production in 1996. The main products for the oil casing, tubingline pipe, high pressure boiler tubes, high pressure gas cylinder tubes, hydraulic support,other professional pipe. Founded early AmericanBritish companies are from countries such as Germany, Italy, introduced the world's most advanced steel making, rolling, pipe processing equipment,direct reduced iron technology,equipped with a complete automation system, as the most technologically advancedthe largest professional manufacturer of oil pipes. Since the operation, through continued technological innovation,always maintain the leading edge of technologyequipment.

   Firm size
   Strengthenexpand the main steel industry, increased industrial concentration, to create scale advantages. Steel-making system has 3 high-power electric arc furnace, rolling system with MPM, PQF, ASSELREM four models, six sets of rolling mills, pipe processing system has 26 production lines, annual production capacity of seamless steel pipe up to 3.5 million tons, the world's largest single plant manufacturer of seamless steel pipe. Adjust the industrial structure, the formation of high-end, high-quality, high technology industrial layout,built a copper, stainless steel plate, color coated, high-pressure gas cylindersa number of high-level project, the development of equipment manufacturing, international tradelogisticsother new industries, build a multi-industry alternately pullingcoordinated development of large-scale comprehensive enterprise group. Overall economic efficiency index for many years among the forefront of the national key steel enterprises. 500 Chinese enterprises ranked 101, manufacturing 500 61.

   R & D
   Implementation of the differentiation strategy, enhance independent innovation capability, build technological advantage. Building a world-class R & D center pipe, has the world's only full flow, full-scale pilot test line, to cultivate a core technology with independent intellectual property rights, the formation of the TP products. 3 of the original design products, steel grade, dozens of species to the development of steel grade 26, nearly ten thousand varieties of specifications, of which more than 80 to fill the gaps. New technologynew technology researchfruitful,has won National ScienceTechnology Progress Award 5,above the provincialministerial level awards 39. And SMS • Construction of Belarus Vladimir seamless project jointly realized by the introduction of technology-based technology export-oriented enterprises to the historic changes.

   Marketing Services
   Improve product quality, enhance corporate reputation, build brand. Adhering to the "transfer the truth, create brilliant" marketing service concept, building a sound marketing processesservice support system to provide users with a good pre-sale service, achieved by the product marketing to brand marketing changes. Casing the domestic market share of about 40% products are exported to nearly one hundred countriesregions. Casing as "China Famous Brand." Seamless steel pipe as "Chinese famous brand exports." TPCO trademark was recognized as "China Famous Brand." The "National Quality Management Excellence Enterprise".

   Energy saving
   Strengthen energy conservation, the implementation of low-carbon economy, green manufacturingclean production, creating sustainable development advantages. Has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certificationOHSAS18001 occupational healthsafety management system certification. The formation of savinggrowth, yuan added value of energy consumption, water recycling rate ranked highest in metallurgy; tons of steelother waste waterCOD emissions from industry-leading indicators. Construction of ecological garden plants, green coverage rate reached 38.7%, creating a clear blue sky tree green water, mannature in harmony of the human environment. Entitled the "National Model Green Unit".

   Business management
   In accordance with the construction of the world's most competitive business strategy of seamless steel pipe production requirements, adhere to the "institutionalization, standardization, refinementefficient" management philosophy, the implementation of group managementcontrol model,improve parent-subsidiary structure; the strengthening of information management, optimization business processes to integrate production, supplyintegration of the effect of standard managementoperation mode. Three companies have won national award for Management InnovationEnterprise, was the "May" labor certificates, was named "National Civilized Unit""Civilization Unit in Tianjin." Company party two of the "National Advanced Primary Party Organization" title. Company leadership was awarded the first national state-owned enterprises to create "four good" collective leadership of the advanced title.
   The road to development in the future, the company will turn pressure into motivation,turning challenges into opportunities, transform the modespeed up the group, the pace of internationalization, creating the world's leading multinational corporations, with more partners together, mutual benefitwin-win for the national industryeconomic growth of Tianjinmake greater contributions.